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Here at Rhythmic Harmony Radio we play music that encourages all nationalities cultures religions colour gender and community to set aside their differences, and simply dance to the joys of life and living. Music is a great refuge from the world and through its international language depth and power we can create a journey not through the medium of the outside world’s realities, but through the imaginative realms we create within ourselves where only peacefulness and tranquillity abide.

If you love music, it’s highly likely that you know a song isn’t just a song, but a journey to a time and or a place. Here on Rhythmic Harmony Radio we like to take you back to a time, a place a moment were you found yourself possessed by the pounding bass of a nightclub scene, a night or time in college you’ll never forget. Maybe, a more calm and pleasant time like a warm and fuzzy childhood memory, or a secret place in your dreams where only you can revisit or dwell. These are some of the reasons our dj’s play music with the kind of passion that stimulate Brainwave entrainment causing our electrical impulses to create special kind of language that works on our emotions. In this way we create a great way to put a smile on someone else’s face through music’s communicative international language.

Our ethos is to play happy soulful and harmonious music to spread peace love bring love through its power. Whether you can speak it, read it, or just hear it. Music is more transcendent than the “love” that others call the International Language. Music transcends all political boundaries, all verbal communication, levels of intellect and education, emotions, even physical disabilities. The thump of a rhythm can be felt even by those with no hearing.

Music transcends all

Log On and Enjoy

DJ Don / DJ Chris